The WE Couple in a ME World (ebook)

The WE Couple in a ME World (ebook)

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He + She = Us

Us + God = WE

The WE Couple is a Kingdom Power Couple! Why? Because when a couple is rightly aligned with each other and God, empowered by the Holy Spirit, they will enjoy a fruitful, abudant, and purposeful life together on earth before heading to heaven for eternity!

This book will take some of the mystery associated with "Christ and the Church" statement by Paul in Ephesians 5. Modeled after the Purpose Driven Life book by Rick Warren, this 40 Day devotional takes a couple or group of couples through the process of becoming a WE Couple in the midst of a ME World.

Want to get your marriage on track with God's purpose for your lives individually and as a couple? This is the book to read, digest, and apply in your lives!


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