Prep4Marriage Package

Comprehensive On-Line Assessment & 90-min Coaching

In reality, your wedding day is not as important as your marriage! This package will help you prepare for your 'ever' after' with your forever friend! Package includes the Prepare-Enrich online assessment and a 90 minute review of the results.

Topics the assessment will cover includes:

1. Couple typology - what are your strengths & weaknesses as a couple?

2. What are your expectations regarding life and marriage as a whole?

3. What does your relationship dynamics look like?

4. What are your commitment levels, especially when you encounter deeper emotional issues?

5. How do each of your deal with stress?

6. What is the quality of your communication?

7. What is your ability to discuss and resolve differences and conflicts?

8. What is your view on finances and how will you manage your money as a couple?

9. What are your expectations in love, romance, and sex?

10. How will you handle your relationship with in-laws, extended family, and friends?

11. How will you integrate your spiritual beliefs into your marriage?

12. What are your expectations regarding having children? What are you thoughts and plans regarding adopting or step-children?

13. What is your personality type and how will you deal with differences?

You will decide whether you want to add additional sessions to deal with the challenging areas.

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