ReBoot Your Marriage

Go From BLAH to BLISS!

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Almost all marriages need a ‘soft boot’ once in a while.

I have found that many couples have developed unhealthy habits that need to be replaced by healthy ones. Using my book, "Reboot Your Marriage: Go from BLAH to BLISS in 30 Days," couples finding themselves in the BLAH Zone will learn multiple tips and tricks to get them out of marital ruts and on the way to love and romance again. Caution: Don't wait too long to start this, otherwise you will find yourself in Crisis Mode, which is more difficult to navigate. Condition: both spouses need to be "all in" and coachable!

I wrote this book especially for couples in the midst of raising kids and for those getting ready to be empty nesters. Why? Because one in four couples married over 25 years are divorcing because somewhere in their marital journey they started drifting apart. Rebooting their marriage is a great remedy for avoiding becoming just roommates, falling out of love, and heading to divorce court.

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