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The Big Question...

What do you wish you learned as a kid that would have helped you as an adult?

I've enjoyed asking young adults this questions, but really enjoy their answers!

Z said he wishes he would have learned that to be successful required hard work. He said his parents were pretty well off, so he didn't realize the hard work that went into getting to that point. He had it easy growing up, so when he got to college, it was an eye opener!

L said she wished she learned to not be so worried about what people thought of her. She wasted lots of emotional energy when people really didn't care as much as she thought.

G said he wished he learned more about surrendering to God early on. He explained that mere knowledge ABOUT God without the real life application didn't prepare him for adult life as much as he thought it would.

S said he wished he learned how to deal with disappointment, forgiveness, and grief because he's had to deal with it a lot as an adult.

C said she wished she was challenged to get out of her comfort zone more, to dream big and take risks, and to stretch her faith. She's thankful that she didn't accumulate a lot of baggage through the years, but she really limits herself to this day.

Here's how I would answer that question. I wish I learned how to save money. Even though my parents were not wealthy, they were great savers, but never shared anything about finances with us. We only learned about their diligence to tuck money away when they passed away!

In the book, PARENTING: 9 Skills Your Kids Need to Be Successful in Life & Love in America, I address these topics and more! How would you answer this question,

What do you wish you learned as a kid that would have helped you as an adult?

Please leave your comments below. Thanks.

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