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NEW BOOK Coming Soon!

Just started a new project... my 5th book!

But we are taking a little detour to check out the scenic route. You might know that I have already written 4 marriage related books:

Five Ways to Jazz Up Your Marriage (2014)

Five Ways to Reduce Fighting in Your Marriage (2015)

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Marriage (2016) - first 2 books in one

Reboot Your Marriage: Go From BLAH to BLISS in 30 Days! (2017)

The WE Couple in a ME World: Become a Kingdom Power Couple! (2018)

My new book is entitled: PARENTING: 9 Skills Your Kids Need to Be Successful in Life and Love in America. Thousands of young adults surveyed wished they learned certain qualities and skills as a kid to better prepare them for adulthood. Employers are very vocal about the types of employees they want to hire too. I took all of these qualities and grouped them into nine categories, and using P.A.R.E.N.T.I.N.G. as an acronym, I explain what each quality/skill is needed, why it is an attractive trait, how to teach it your kids, and how you can model it for extra emphasis. The results will be transformational for your entire family environment!

The official launch will be some time in October 2019! I am looking for people to join my Book Launch Team. Together we will get this very important message out around the world! Please contact me if you are interested in changing the future of world from the little kiddos outward!

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