• Glen Kato

Be Prepared!

Would you ever start a business venture without being properly prepared? Of course not!

Would you ever go on a vacation without being prepared? Definitely not!

Would you ever make a major purchase without being prepared? That would be crazy!

Why then do we get married thinking we don't need to be prepared?

A survey of couples divorced in 2018 claimed they wish they were better prepared for marriage. How prepared are you?

Of course, you will never be totally prepared for everything marriage will throw at you, but there are some foundational principles, skills, and coaching every couple needs get prepared for the most exhilarating journey of their lives!

Jazzed Up Marriages believes every couple needs a few sessions with a pastor, counselor, or marriage coach to go through the big picture of marriage, the basics of relational health, and the potential blocks to intimacy every couple encounters, especially for the first five years - the first few years that follow the honeymoon stage.

We offer a great one session overview for engaged couples! Before we meet, they will take a comprehensive 150 question online assessment offered by Prepare-Enrich. The cost of the assessment ($35) is included in the cost of the package. We receive the results and will go over it with you in a 90-minute coaching session via video conferencing. From there, you will decide if you want further help with a particular area, and we can schedule that.

When my wife and I got married 40 years ago, we asked our pastor for some premarital counseling, but he told us, "You'll be fine." Boy was he wrong! Because we were from different countries and cultural backgrounds, had different personalities and preferences, and our expectations were innocently unrealistic, we wish we had some good quality coaching because it would have made the first two years so much better!

We are offering a super deal right now. Normally, the Prep4Marriage Package, including the assessment and the coaching session, runs for $200. But for a limited time, we are giving a 20% discount! Just $160 which includes the $35 assessment!

Be prepared! While planning your 'big day'... Let me prepare you for your 'ever after'!

Coach Glen

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