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Simple Fundraiser for Christian Schools!

January 15, 2020

Is your school tired of having to sell thousands of candy, gift wrapping, or other small items to bring in a few thousand dollars? What if there were books that helped raise a lot of funds, helped jazz up marriages, and helped parents coach their kids for success in life and love in your school, in the community, and in the world? A win for parents. A win for students. A win for marriages & families. A win for the school!

How is this simple? Here is the formula...

For example: Each student sells an average of 12 books for $15 each and I will give the school $5 each! If your school has...

250 students X 12 books X $5 = $15,000 raised!

600 students X 12 books X $5 = $36,000 raised!

950 students X 12 books X $5 = $57,000 raised!

You are able to set the bar higher and shoot for a higher average, which increases the amount you raise! We can talk about different averages and how all of this works.

You might be wondering, how would selling the books help families around the world? Glad you asked.

You see, our nonprofit, Jazzed Up Marriages has a project to help marriages and families in Asia and the Americas. So, since the books sell for $15 each, $5 goes to the school. $5 goes to this Jazzed Up project, and $5 goes towards the printing and shipping of the book.

Let's talk about this win-win-win opportunity. A win for your school fundraising project. A win for school and community families. And a win for global families thru the ministry of Jazzed Up Marriages. Let's do this!

Contact Glen Kato at 858-774-9798 or glen@jazzedupmarriages.com.